VARI presents 


July 12, Koncertkirken, København    

Set 1

Zoe Efstathiou - prepared piano
Etienne Nillesen - extended snare drum
Matthias Muche - trombone

Set 2

Elisabeth Coudoux - cello
Nana Pi Aabo Larsen - saxophone
Asger Thomsen - double bass

For our first concert, we have a collection of musicians who are all tied together by the same unique drive: ‘to challenge the conventional acoustics of their instruments’. With broad preparations and extended techniques they will push the limits of their instruments, showcasing a new sonic experience for you to revel in.

Our guests from Cologne: Elisabeth, Etienne and Matthias all hail from the IMPAKT Collective. IMPAKT organises two concert series for improvised music: IMPAKT X KING GEORG and IMPAKT: Kontrast (found in Stadtgarten). On top of this they manage the label IMPAKT Records, as well as a Newsletter and Concert Calendar. So when you pop by Cologne, remember IMPAKT Collective to get low-down and insider tips on the cultural life of the city.

For the Copenhageners out there Zoe, Nana Pi and Asger need no introduction. All three you can find in their own projects or in several collectives like The Community or Barefoot Records which enrich and nourish the cultural life of Copenhagen.

Check out this playlist which schowcases the artists playing in KøKö #1.


Is an exciting collaboration between the creative scenes of Cologne and Copenhagen marking the inaugural year of a cultural partnership between Denmark and Germany.

Throughout the year concerts will take place in both cities, showcasing the unique and vibrant voices which highlight the diverse scenes in both cities!

KØKÖ #1 

12.07.2020 - Koncertkirken, Copenhagen

© Shayna Builder

Welcome to Copenhagen!

Cosy and inviting whilst bustling with life! As soon as you hop off the train at the Central station (known as Hovedbanegård) you are directly across from a hotspot teeming with improvised music! You make your way to the Meatpacking district (Kødbyen) where there are several amazing clubs waiting to welcome you!

One of these clubs, 5E features the Mandagsklubben which presents six hours (SIX!) of improvised music every Monday night from 7 pm to 1 am. This award-winning club is known for being at the forefront of Scandinavian improvised music. The bare concrete room with a fireplace and British barman named ‘Paul’ draws you into a wild and grungey experience- filling you with awe and inspiration. Kicking off the night at 7pm is the Monday Band, a collection of raucous musicians from the Copenhagen Conservatorium. Each week they choose one student amongst them to curate musical works for the night. From there, you will experience a mix of ensembles who perform music ranging from jazz, to experimental to prog rock. At 9 pm the centrepiece for the night is unveiled: the Mandagsklubben Artist in Resident for the month.  They perform their set and after the music continues on well into the wee hours of the next morning

For Tuesday evening you can take a 1-minute stroll down to another great music series, Klub Primi - which is hosted by venue H15. This newish series features three hours of music every Tuesday night. Run by Morten - a wild character whose passion for the arts is never failing! It too is a vibrant music venue, with an atmosphere that is inviting and full of energy! It displays musicians from all walks of life and traditions, added into one large melting pot!

A little bit further out of town (by Copenhagen standards that means a 15-minute bike ride…!) lies a happening area in Copenhagen - Nordvest (NV for short). NV is home to one of the most underground music venues in the city, Mayhem. This self-managed DIY venue is unrestricted and unrelenting in the passion and diversity displayed within. Full of graffiti, this dark, concrete room allows musicians to push themselves to the limits in a spotlight where an ever-keen audience surrounds them swimming in the darkness!

Perhaps by now, you require a change of pace? Tranquillity? You seek peace in that of an old decommissioned church. You’re in luck! Buried deep inside the bustling suburb of Nørrebro lies a sanctuary - Koncertkirken. Surrounded by great bars and good food, this music venue offers an encounter of intricate and fine music! Not to say that things can’t get rowdy in there… With a full church organ and space for over 100 people, Koncertkirken is one of the more beautiful venues in Copenhagen.  It is a place where the audience and musicians can make themselves at home, becoming intertwined with the sounds that are washing over them.

If you are lucky enough to be around during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival or Vinterjazz you might be able to witness a night run by ILK, The Community or Barefoot Records.  Many venues host them throughout this time as they present a program of great Copenhagen based improvisers! These nights are a common highlight of the festival and a ‘must-see’ for any Jazz aficionado!

These were just a few of the great music venues the city has to offer! You may have noticed a theme developing throughout Copenhagen... there are outrageous characters and with even more daring music! These musicians are always innovating, always pushing themselves to the limits- no matter what style. This is what you can expect from a visit to Copenhagen!  So come on over and experience it for yourself - be careful might never want to leave!