VARI presents 


July 1 @ Koncertkirken, København   

July 1 

Set 1

Leonhard Huhn - saxophone, electronics
Moritz Wesp - trombone, electronics
Niklas Fite - guitar

Set 2

David Helm - instrument based on strings
Martin Klapper - amplified objects, toys, live electronics
Szymon Pimpon - drums, electronics

Its time for  KøKö #5! Come down to Koncertkirken, København and enjoy great improvised music from Copenhagen and Cologne. Check out our Instagram and Facebook channels for the artist introductions. 


Leonhard Huhn - saxophone, electronics

Saxophonist Leonhard Huhn (*Berlin, 1986) is a very active musician in the German and European music scene and is currently based in Cologne. His melodic, nimble and experimental way of playing appears in contemporary musical contexts across many different music styles. Since quite some time he sustains the new movement of Kraut Jazz with the band C.A.R.. His trio DIE FICHTEN plays Jazz and free improvisation. Huhn has created a unique electronic set up expanding the saxophone. As a sideman he supports several young and grand personalities of the jazz and experimental music scene and he has been awarded severally for his works.

Der Saxophonist Leonhard Huhn (*1986, Berlin) ist genreübergreifend in der deutschen und europäischen Musikszene tätig und vernetzt. Sein integres, melodiös und agiles Spiel lässt ihn in vielen zeitgenössischen Kontexten erscheinen. Er leitet sein eigenes Jazztrio DIE FICHTEN, tourt regelmäßig international u.a. mit seiner Band C.A.R., komponiert für viele Ensembles und Theater und ist ein außergewöhnlicher Klangforscher und Performer. Huhn entwickelte für das Saxophon ein neuartiges elektronisches, modular steuerbares Set-Up und ist Teil der jungen Musikbewegung „Krautjazz“. Als gefragter Sideman und Gastmusiker arbeitet er in vielen Ensembles und wurde für sein Schaffen mehrfach ausgezeichnet.


Moritz Wesp - trombone, electronics

Moritz Wesp was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1990. He is active as a musician, composer and he likes to build things.

He studied jazz trombone and composition at the Hochschule Luzern Musik and at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln. His teachers included Siegfried Koepf, Dieter Manderscheid, Henning Berg and Nils Wogram.

The current focus of his artistic activity is his work with the collective NOW MY LIFE IS SWEET LIKE CINNAMON, the conception and construction of analog-electronic sound machines, and experimentation with digital sound synthesis. He is also an active member of the Cologne scene for jazz and improvised music.

With his own projects he released several albums, for example Wespennest (Sept. 2019), Recycling Allstars (June 2019), NYAN (Dec. 2018), Die Beobachtung (Jan 2018), as well as a sideman with Benjamin Schäfer's Hive Mind (Feb. 2019) or Katrin Scherer Clusters Quartet (2018).

Niklas Fite - guitar

Niklas Fite (b. 1995) is a Swedish improviser playing guitars and banjo. He has been a part of the improvised music scene in Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, etc, since 2013. He has been working in steady groups and ad hoc combinations in a range of different areas, from low dynamic acoustic music to high dynamic music involving free jazz musicians and electronic improvisers. He has also worked in groups playing composed material coming both from the jazz tradition, as well as the contemporary music world, and improvised music and theatre projects.

Current and past groups include:

Duos with Isak Hedtjärn, Alexander Frangenheim, John Russell, Raymond Strid, Margaux Oswald etc.

”Erinnerungen an Litfaß” with Joel Grip, Sven Åke Johansson

”REX” with Tristan Honsinger, Isak Hedtjärn, Joe Williamson, Kresten Osgood

Trio with Sture Ericsson and Martin Klapper

”Autolysis” with Asger Thomsen, Jonas Engel, Simon Forchhammer


David Helm - instrument based on strings

David Helm (born 1990 in Weilburg a.d. Lahn) is a Cologne-based composing improviser and multi instrumentalist.

He grew up singing in a boys choir, where his choirmaster told him whilst rehearsing Bach: "if you don't feel anything, there's the door*". During this period he was also exposed to noisy bands at soggy small town rock festivals.

David works in the fields of free improvised, experimental, noise & contemporary music as well as Jazz. He focuses on longterm projects and collaborations as a leader and collaborator, playing double bass most of the time, writes music and is always looking for new ways of expressing himself. Over the last years he rediscovered his voice and is exploring that, together with the electric guitar in song - as well as in improvised contexts. When there is no pandemic David is usually touring a fair amount on earth with great bands and inspiring people. His playing can be heard on over 50 records. 2019 he received the Jazz Prize of the City of Cologne.

*he felt something

The human species, which we're part of is as beautiful & loving as it is ugly & full of shit.

Since I’m striving for honesty, so is my music.

Martin Klapper - amplified objects, toys, live electronics

I work both as a musician and composer with the use of conventional instruments (eg. percussion, drums, guitar, organ) that I use in unconventional ways (for preparation, conversion and through new playing techniques), and partly by the use of unusual music - and sound instruments (eg. toy instruments, bird calls, rebuilt used home electronics &kitchenware, record players, cassette recorders and custom-built own instruments fitted with contact microphones).

Genrewise my music lays in the focal point between jazz, rock and modern classical music. This form of music can be best described as lasting a part of modern improvised music ("instant composing") that has developed through collaboration between musicians from all European countries since the mid-60s.”

Musikperfomances in Denmark,Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Holland, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Israel, Norway, Germany, Poland, Sardinia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, United States, together with:

Derek Bailey, Steve Beresford, Jindrich Biskup, Pierre Dorge, TSHøegh, Johannes Bergmark, Chris Burn, John Butcher, Don Byron, Conspiracy, James Draminsky-Højmark, Mikolas Chadima, Eugene Chadbourne, Jim Denley, Mihail Dresch, Giessen Improvisers Pool, Mats Gustafsson, Erhard Hirt, Tim Hodgkinson, John Jasnoch, Catherine Jauniaux, Radu Malfatti, Hugh Metcalfe, Phil Minton, Jeffrey Morgan, Ikue Mori, Evan Parker, John Russell, Hans Schneider, Robyn Schulkowsky, LaDonna Smith, Sonic Youth (Thurston Moore), Amanda Stewart, Raymond Strid, Pat Thomas, Roger Turner, Wiesbadener Improvisations Ensemble among others..."

Szymon Pimpon - drums, electronics

Szymon Pimpon Gasiorek - Polish drummer_composer based in Copenhagen. Known from leading Pimpono Ensemble and E/I or as part of Czajka & Puchacz, Alfons Slik, Wood Organization, The Love And Beauty Seekers, Perfect Volume or G•Bop Orchestra. Co-running independent label Love & Beauty Music and Idealistic Festival. Currently working on his upcoming debut solo album “Pozdrawiam”. The genre-full sonic material ranges from heavy drum grooves and electronic sequences through noise, field recordings and static textures to modern pop sound obtained by usage of synthesizers and autotune effect on vocal.