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July 6 @ 5e, København - ILK Sessions   

July 6

Akiko Ahrendt - violin
Carl Ludwig Hübsch - tuba
Håkon Berre - drums
Henrik Olsson - guitar
Jonas Engel - saxophone

Its time for  KøKö #6! Come down to 5e, København and enjoy great improvised music from Copenhagen and Cologne. Check out our Instagram and Facebook channels for the artist introductions. 


Jonas Engel - saxophone

Jonas Engel ist ein deutscher Musiker, Komponist und Stimme der jungen Kreativszene in Köln und Kopenhagen. Als Solist und mit seinen vielfach ausgezeichnten Bands "Just Another Foundry" und "OWN YOUR BONES" (Junger Deutscher Jazzpreis, Europäischer Tremplin Jazzpreis, Maastricht Jazzpreis) war er auf Konzertreisen in Europa, Süd und Nordamerika, den Nahen Osten, China und Südostasien. Er ist auf der stetigen Suche durch erweiterte Spieltechniken und Präparation sein Klangspektrum weiterzuentwickeln und neu zu definieren. Diese Arbeit spiegelt sich neben seinen kompositorischen Ansätzen vor allem in seinem Soloprogramm, in akustischer wie elektronischer Klangkreation wider, oder im Quartett Our Hearts As Thieves, in dem europäische Improvisationsmusik und amerikanische Dichtung zusammentreffen. Jonas war Teil des Bundesjazzorchesters (BuJazzO) und Stipendiat des DAADs, der Fondation Idella, der Hessischen Kulturtstiftung und der Beckett Foundation.

Moers Festival, Muara Suara (Borneo), Curitiba Jazz Meeting (Curitiba, Brasilien), London Jazz Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Rheingau Musikfestival, Klavier Festival Ruhr, Klaeng Festival, Internationale Jazzwoche Burhausen, Tremplin Jazz Festival Avignon, Jazzrally Düsseldorf, Eupen Jazz Marathon, Crosscurrents Festival Maastricht, LAB Festival, Valley of Arts Festival – Kapolcs (HU), Vinterjazz Denmark, October Meeting (Yogyakarta)

Akiko Ahrendt - violin

Akiko Ahrendt was born in Rüsselsheim and now lives in Cologne, Germany. Akiko’s music focuses on uncommon live settings with sound in collective processes as well as in solo projects. Akiko has featured as performer and violinist in groups such as radikaltranslation, orange gruppe, Rundfunk-TanzOrchesterEhrenfeld, ensemble garage and Contrechamps. Mostly on the violin, Akiko creates improvisational and interpretive compositions/compilations with recorded material (speaking humans, environment sounds) as well as found material (music and other sounds from the internet). Akiko is also involved in installations and performances involving body, voice, instruments and machines.

Akiko Ahrendt is performing internationally and locally, developing formats as a soloist and in groups that reflect and question the classical stage situation.

She studied violin, philosophy, new music and media art and was deeply influenced by workshops with Minako Seki (Butoh).

As a violinist, she plays both composed music (new and old) and improvised music. She particularly enjoys playing in her duo with Florian Zwißler and her trio "orange group".

She regularly collaborates with the media artist Lea Letztel and presents groups, initiatives and people she considers relevant under the title "RELEVANT SYSTEMS".

Carl Ludwig Hübsch - tuba

Renowned tuba player, improvisor and composer.

Studied - mostly self taught -  tuba, voice, drums and composition.

International collaborations in Jazz, Improvised and Contemporary Music.

Composes for „active interpreters“ and improvisors,

for theatre productions and visual installations.

Numerous radio- und CD-productions.

Residencies in USA, Austria and Switzerland. Jazzpott Award Essen.

SWR Newjazz Meeting 2012, composer Welttheater Einsiedeln 2013

Hübsch leads,  co-leads or is member of several ensembles of various sizes.

like e.g.: Hübsch´s Longrun Development of the Universe (w/Schubert, Wierbos), hübsch acht (octet), Multiple Joy[ce] Orchestra, Ensemble X,

ensemble]h[iatus, HÜBSCH | MARTEL | ZOUBEK, Hübsch | van Bebber | Blonk a.m

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Håkon Berre - drums

Håkon Berre (b. 1980, Norway) has established himself as one of the most interesting young drummers on the Danish scene for improvised music. Having expanded the drum set with a vast diversity of trash and objects, he juggles scrupulously with materials such as metal, plastic, paper, wood and expanded pylostyrene, occasionally incorporating real-time electronics. His inventive and energetic drumming has brought him to numerous clubs and festivals all around the world, and can be heard on a discography spanning 43 albums, many of them released on Barefoot Records, where Håkon is one of the co-founders. Håkon has composed and arranged music for theater performances and art exhibitions, and has exhibited several interactive sound installations at art museums in both Denmark and Germany. Håkon is active as a co-leader in numerous bands, both as a composer and as an improviser. Collaborations include artists such as Peter Brötzmann, Phil Minton, Axel Dörner, Peter Friis-Nielsen, John Tchicai, Jamie Branch, Liudas Mockunas, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Susana Santos Silva and Peter Evans.


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Henrik Olsson - guitar

"Henrik Thor Oscar Olsson is a swedish guitar player and composer, based in Copenhagen. He is curiously exploring and embracing the multifaceted nature of the electric guitar, with meticulous attention to the instruments timbral and textural subtleties.His visions as a composer is manifested through his own projects, as his latest projectHand of Benediction, which received an Honorable Mention in New York City Jazz Record 2019 and was by Vital Weekly called “a lovely madness and a very remarkable statement”, as well as his debut album Penumbra Ensemble, which was very well received among critics and referred to as "a surrealist vision, a deeply personal expression of avant-garde rock, jazz, world music and poetic soundscapes" by All  About Jazz, and. His distinctive playing can also be heard in groups as OLSSON|RUBIN, EHM, Ytterlandet, Jeppe Zeeberg & The Absolute Pinnacle of Human Achievement, as well as different ad hoc constellations. He is also a member of Barefoot Records, an independent label and improvisers´ collective based in Copenhagen."